Win Tickets to Tokyo Police Club at the El Rey Thursday 12 August

Matthew J. Carbone's picture used through Creative Commons license
Among the awesomest things Canada has produced are our own Alexandra, Janna, and Tara (the latter whom we’ve loaned to Paris for the nonce) and, yes, Tokyo Police Club. I admit I’m a sucker for edgy pop music in the vein of The Strokes, but seriously, what’s not to like here? Tokyo Police Club‘s music is relentlessly catchy sing-in-the-car-on-the-way-to-work stuff played by adorable boys all of whom are under 25. I like ’em. And apparently, you do too because Thursday’s show with Freelance Whales and Arkells at the El Rey is sold out. Fear not, though because we can hook you up. Oh yes, I’ve got a pair for some lucky (randomly selected) Blogging LA reader. Just leave a comment below beseaching me and I’ll pick one of y’all randomly because you know it’s been too long since you’ve been to a show chock-a-block full of scruffy tattooed boys in skinny jeans.

Just look at these guys. How Canadian! How cute!

18 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Tokyo Police Club at the El Rey Thursday 12 August”

  1. Oh my gosh! Tokyo Police Club! Tickets are sold-out and I can’t get them anywhere else. Can I please have the tickets pretty please please please? PLEASEEEEEEEE! (and I’m the first to post too!)

    I’ll be eternally grateful, for sure.

  2. i forgot to add that i’m visiting from Singapore so it’s basically my only chance to watch them in concert. have loved them ever since a local club in Singapore started playing “Nature of the Experiment” and Travis, I would really be grateful if you gave the pair of tickets to me so that me and my equally huge-fan of a friend can witness a real LA concert!

  3. Hopefully you randomly pick me, as one of my good friends wants to go to this but put off buying tickets due to insufficient funds. I would like to get these so she can go. THANKS =)

  4. Hey i thank you so much for this opportunity and who ever wins these tickets will be the luckiest person alive. Ive been waiting for this show since last year>.< and my dad lost his job at the beginning of summer so its been a rough summer for our family so i tried saving up for my ticket and my parents needed money for groceries and gas so i had to keep letting them borrow it and now theyre sold out :./ they are my all time favorite band. To win these tickets would me the world to me. this whole summer ive been down due to the fact that my parents and our family is struggling, and going to the concert will change and motivate me.

    -William. :)

  5. I’m a huge fan and would totally love to go. I’m visiting from Antartactica, where my radio picked up a faint signal of one of TKP’s songs and was totally hooked. My penguins are struggling with the melting ice situation, and that has really bummed me out, so with this I could totally perk up (and take one penguin with me).

  6. PLEEEASE PICK ME! its my girlfriend and I’s 2 year anniversary and we met a Tokyo Police Club show

  7. I am so happy that their show is sold out! I Would love the win the tickets to enjoy a live perfomance their cd has not left my car
    cd player since I received it “oh gives us your vote if you know what’s good for you”* Whoo!!*

  8. It’s okay I saw them at a free show on Wednesday : D I even met,got autographs, took pictures and talked with them : D they’re the best. Thanks for the oppurtunity you made two people very happy :)

  9. Awesome. Glad to hear it, William. They seem like genuinely nice guys, remarkably so. The show at the El Rey was great as well. The openers, Freelance Whales, I also really liked. I’d not heard them before, and I liked ’em.

  10. Yea they’re really nice guys. Yea the freelance whales are so calm and chill it’s soothing
    And nice : D

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