Prop 8 Rulings to be read this morning.

You remember that pesky proposition that took away the right for gay and lesbian couples to marry?  Well the courts are about to release their decision on the first of many challenges.  Judge Vaughn Walker is going to be handing down his verdict on whether or not Prop. 8 is legal.  His decision is expected to be revealed sometime this morning.  Rallies are planned around the state and country regardless of the outcome.  I ask that it be a common sense verdict with the rights restored, but realize this verdict is just one step in the legal process with appeals surely to be filed.

Rally locations in the metro area today:
West Hollywood: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
West Hollywood Park
647 N San Vicente Blvd
West Hollywood, CA
Recommended Entrance on San Vicente Blvd
Parking:Pacific Design Center – 8687 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles: at Olvera Street at 8:00pm
Event link for more info HERE:
Rancho Cucamonga: 8/4, Rally After Prop 8 Decision Announced, Day Crk/Foothill Blvd, 11 PM. Link HERE.

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  1. Evan, I was working from a press release I got last night. The most recent one now says verdict due 1-3PM but it didn’t specifiy EST or our time. I’d presume our time but one never knows for sure.

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