Back To School: Tell Me Your Old Skool Shopping Stories

I was at a westside Bed Bath and Beyond* today and noticed many moms with their college aged sons or daughters. There was much buying of twin sized bedding, laundry hampers and shower caddies. Over the weekend a friend posted about where to buy school supplies in Culver City and it brought back a touch of affectionate nostalgia. (Of course back in the day, the phrase “Back To School” mostly brought on panicky feelings of “NOOOOOOOO! NOT YET!”)

I grew up in a small town and Back to School shopping meant the one drugstore for school supplies and the one local department store (no longer in business) for clothes. I didn’t get to LA until 1985 so I was trying to imagine LA in the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, back before Super Targets and BB&B, and Office Depot and Old Navy and wondered where you Angelenos bought your school supplies back then. Was Target the original place to go? Were there special clothing stores in your neighborhood you always went back to as you grew taller? ¬†Were there type specific stores (the valley chicks, surfer dudes, etc) that people went to? Places you wouldn’t be caught dead? Before mega mall and chain stores took over, where did your Pee-Chee and loose-leaf binders come from? What was your favorite back to school outfit? Worst?

Share please! I want to get an image of Old Skool Back To Schoool in Los Angeles!

*Also affectionately known as Bloodbath and Beyond, Bed Bath and Beyotch, etc.

2 thoughts on “Back To School: Tell Me Your Old Skool Shopping Stories”

  1. Gemco was a place I remember that was here before Targets took them over. I must confess too that I didn’t live here during my tender school age years.

  2. I mentioned to a friend recently about the annual mom/daughter back to school bonding experience at BBB at Target. I recall that getting new pencil cases and notebooks and such was cool at the moment, but that feeling quickly wore off on the first morning back at school.

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