Really great burger stand neon in Van Nuys!

I’ve found one of the most wonderful examples of mid-century signage in the entire universe.  Or at least in the entire Valley.  Just look!  Look at how fantastic this sign is! 

This is at Beeps Fast Food, in Van Nuys, which I stumbled upon completely by accident a while back.  As is my want, I stopped in for lunch based solely on the calibre of that truly amazing sign. There are so many things to say about it!  I like the pink and turquoise (an altogether underused diner color scheme, if you ask me), I like (make that really like) that googie typeface, and I like (make that really really like) promises of large, thick malts and shakes.  And Beeps did not disappoint in the slightest:  inside there was more pink and turquoise and more retro lettering and an utterly scrumptious butterscotch shake.  And the cheeseburgers are really solid, too.  So obviously, you should go.

I’m curious to drive past this place at night because I want to know if they still light the sign, and if the lights are also in pink and turquoise.  The fabulousness extends down the entire side of the building, too:

Beeps Fast Food is at 16063 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, for all you milkshake aficionados out there.

3 thoughts on “Really great burger stand neon in Van Nuys!”

  1. The sign doesnt light or spin anymore. Beeps has been there for ages, I used to wash dishes there as a kid. They used to have coin operated tv’s on every table and there was a small store behind the diner called jj’s market which apparently had ties to the mob. Someone planted a bomb in the toilet and eliminated jj’s did extensive damage to beeps. The owners of it now have actually let the place go quite a bit. I think the purple is tacky. I wish theyd light the sign up and have it spin like it used to. Also those tvs, wish theyd return those. I used to watch the munsters in there for 5 cents every 15 mins. Was great. They also had a fully functioning jukebox. And the food was phenomenal. They had a breakfast special that people i talk to in las vegas even new of as well as a philly cheese steak. The place is truely historic. Needs some help in the food delivery speed these days as well as the return of that breakfast special. One more thing they were very well known for was donuts. They used to burn em right there in heavy grease and coat them with your flavor. They were to die for. If I owned that place id bring it right back to its original look and menu.

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