Potluck Fund Raiser planned in effort to stop Azusa Canyon mining expansion.

Vulcan Mining Pit Mine scarring the landscape in Azusa Canyon.

Vulcan mining eventually won out and convinced a majority, not all of the Azusa city council, that it was a good idea to expand their mining efforts.  I wrote about it HERE a while back when only the city of Duarte seemed to be the only party interested in fighting the expansion to keep it out of environmentally sensitive Fish Canyon which is on its northern border.  The city of Duarte is now proceeding to litigate the expansion and have set aside some 700K to fund their battle and was prepared to do so alone.  In stepped several Azusans who agree no expansion and are prepared to fight as well.

Some Azusa city residents it turns out weren’t too happy with the expansion and are busy working on an initiative to not permit the expansion.  To get the anti-mining initiative passed they need signatures and funds for campaigning.  To that end they are holding a pot lock this weekend at Duarte’s Encanto Park and Historical Museum.

The potluck will take place at the Duarte Historical Museum located at 751 Encanto Parkway.  They are asking everyone to bring a potluck dish and a check book to help fund their battle to preserve Fish Canyon and the local environment.  It is set to start 3PM Saturday July 31, 2010.

This is a cause near and dear to me.  I hike the trails in and around that area.  There are ample other areas they can mine that won’t create dust hazards nor upset sensitive habitat like Fish Canyon.  This time of the year in particular the dust is awful.  The grit chokes plants not just near the mine, but in neighboring communities and is worse when the wind blows.  I urge you to take the few minutes while there to cross the Bike/Ped bridge and walk the trails and see the dust and debris interrupting the natural course of things along the San Gabriel River.

2 thoughts on “Potluck Fund Raiser planned in effort to stop Azusa Canyon mining expansion.”

  1. Thank you,
    This mining and mining expansion affects the whole San Gabriel Valley. We appreciate help from our friends in Monrovia. I only wish there could be a vote involving all residents affected by the mining. For now, Azusa residents stand alone in their ability to sign a referendum to put this issue on the ballot. Granite is the most common base rock on the planet, we do not need to do mountain top removal to get it. Please gather your friends and neighbors and help the good people of Azusa fight this insidious destruction.

  2. Thank you. We Azusans have been in this from the start and I have found that most of the city agrees with us. Much are so tired of losing the fight they find no motivation in doing it again. Hopefully we can stir things up and remotivate all of them back into this most worthy fight.

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