Disney Hall Lights Up the Street

Sometimes here in LA you just stumble upon something that takes your breath away. Last night was a case in point. As I drove home around 10 PM, I zipped by Disney Hall, always a visual treat with its soaring silver architecture. But this time there was something different.

The front face of the building was alive with colors and stars that moved through the galaxies, then crazy patterns of colors. I stopped the car and got out.

Awestruck, I watched as the building was bathed in an array of sound and cool visuals. Some from Fantasia, some seemingly from other random visual art. This went on for 10 minutes or so and then ended. I walked over to the building, where there were trucks and booths set-up. This was a big production! The woman in charge told me it was a traveling exhibition from San Diego to San Francisco, that used various notable architectural buildings as canvas. It’s stunning. Called, “World of Color” it’s tied to the visual World of Color they are doing at the Disney Theme Parks.

If you want to see it, tonight, (Friday, July 30th) is the last night!!!!! It’s on from 9 til 11, so if you’re downtown or want a fun diversion to your night…. check it out.