Cyclists protest light punishment for hit & runs

“On Tuesday, July 27th, and Friday, July 30th, cyclists gathered at the Beverly Hills Courthouse to protest the tepid sentence handed down by Judge Elden S. Fox for Celine Mahdavi. Mahdavi hit cyclist Louis Deliz and left him to die in the street on December 1st, 2009; Deliz was hospitalized for 49 days.

Mahdavi pleaded “no contest” to felony hit and run charges and threw herself on the mercy of the court, instead of accepting the plea deal offered by the DA. Judge Fox gave her 90 days of community service, and 3 years of probation. Mahdavi will spend less time in community service – 720 hours – than Deliz spent in the hospital – 1176 hours.”

It’s kind of disgusting that the penalty for hitting someone and fleeing the scene of the crime is lighter than the punishment for hitting them in the first place. Filmmaker Rick Darge was on hand earlier this week and filmed the protest. He made this short film to document what went down.


One thought on “Cyclists protest light punishment for hit & runs”

  1. unfair judgement, Deliz should hire a lawyer and punish her in civil court since this judge is incapable of doing their job.

    i would like to protest all the bikers that run red lights in downtown. As a fellow bicyclist cut that shit out. Nearly pancaked a hipster yesterday.

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