Didn’t Fill Out Your Census Form? You Have Until July 31 to be a Real American

I get a kick out of doing my Constitutional duty, including voting and yes, even filling out my Census form.  It makes me feel part of that nutty experiment called the United States of America, rather than just some guy who lives near Los Angeles, California.  So it was ironic that, this year, I never even received my Census form.

It kind of slipped my mind that I didn’t receive the form.  I thought, maybe not everyone gets one.  Today, however, I received the pictured “Notice of Visit” in my door, with the name and telephone number of the Census worker who left it, asking me to call her this evening.  I checked around, and, apparently, no one else in my building complex received their Census form either.  It’s not clear whether the mix-up occurred with the Census Bureau, the Post Office, or, as I believe, our building’s front office.  So I did a quick search online, and found that anyone who has not received a Census form can call the Census Bureau through July 31 to answer the form’s 10 questions over the phone.

I did just that today.  It’s a quick and painless process.  You call 1-866-872-6868, ignore the voicemail hell, say “representative,” and you’ll quickly get a live human who, unlike a corporation’s customer service representative, is located in the U.S.  It only takes about two minutes to complete the survey (you can find the 10 questions here).

The advantage to responding to the Census form, other than that Census-taking is something our Founding Fathers thought was important enough to write into the Constitution, is that doing so helps ensure that we in California receive the maximum Congressional representation and federal dollars (i.e., our taxpayer money) to which we are entitled.  Do I have any illusions that many others in the Los Angeles area will be as eager and proactive as I was in filling out their Census forms?  Hell no.  But I guess that kind of range of response is part of what makes us ‘merkins.