Phototasting or: How to Make Food Look Good

My picture fails at giving justice to the delicious simpleness that is Gloria Cafe's pupusas. As soon as I learn a trick or two from Phototesting, I'm going to take the test again.

My existential dilemma over the last few weeks has been over what camera to buy.  So much so that I have been pretty much paralyzed at the checkout counter, my Amazon shopping cart holding the Canon G11 one day, the Lumix LX-3 the next.  Over the weekend, I FINALLY bit the bullet: just closed my eyes and picked one (LX-3 FTW!).  Now, however, I have an entirely different problem: I’m, ah, not entirely sure how to use what I just bought.  And, as I am one of those annoying kids at the table who forces everyone to wait just a second while I take a picture, I, and my dining companions, really would like to know how to I could best photograph our dishes.

Big sigh of relief, then, because Daily Gluttony over at Rants and Craves is hosting another Phototasting workshop on Saturday for those who eat and click.  The first session at Checkers downtown went superbly – the event sold out with eager food photographers learning how to best photograph food even in the dimmest of restaurant lighting.  Saturday’s event will shift venues from Checkers to Cube Marketplace and Cafe on La Brea.  The setting, then, is perfect: who wouldn’t want to capture on digital celluloid the fresh, mostly organic California-inspired Italian dishes that Cube offers?  Fifty dollars is your tuition fee; in the three hour class, you will learn all sorts of things about ISO speeds and white balances and other fancy phrases that people seem to toss around as if they know what they’re talking about.  And, since we are what we eat, you’ll have the welcome opportunity to eat what you photographed.  This is a pass/fail class, kids; if your pictures trigger a Pavlov’s-dog reaction, you’ve passed with flying colors.

The Phototasting workshop is this Saturday, July 31st from 2pm to 5pm.  $50 is the fee; this includes the delicious salumis and cheeses and whatnot that Cube will supply for you to photograph and eatLike Psych 101, this class probably will fill up very quickly. The chances of you getting off the waitlist is virtually zilch, so I’d suggest you sign up before it’s too late.

2 thoughts on “Phototasting or: How to Make Food Look Good”

  1. I guess there’s a market for everything.

    Free food pornography tip of the day. Lighting. Lighting. Lighting. No matter how good your camera is or how nice the food looks, the 3 L’s of photography will always be the same. Years of shooting food has taught me that the most important photographic decision you will make is where to sit when you order. Get as good of a natural lighting source as you can and you’re one step ahead of the game.

  2. I’m with Marshall, when it comes to food porn natural lighting is everything and for gawds sake don’t use a flash. The latter doesn’t apply if you are doing a studio shot, but how many of us are so equipped when we are dining out?

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