LAPD still hates bikes

What does someone have to do to get handcuffed and detained by the LAPD? Regardless of how you might have answered those questions, the real answers seem to be that the LAPD feels spending a half an hour detaining and handcuffing a cyclist for riding a bike without a headlight (or with a headlight that was turned off by the officers in question, depending on who you believe) and then giving them a $10 fix it ticket is all it takes. Or handcuffing and detaining someone who simply approached the first scene and asked what was happening. That’s exactly what is happening.

Is handcuffing someone who isn’t resisting, isn’t a threat, and who is only getting a $10 ticket really the best use of the LAPDs time? Have we gotten rid of all the other crime in the city that this is what they have to worry about now?

5 thoughts on “LAPD still hates bikes”

  1. okay. that is just disgusting. And irritating. Isn’t the job of the police to stop crime? But sadly, I know it is probably true. Not long ago a friend of mine was robbed and hurt during the robbery. She called me to pick up her child while she was doing the paperwork with the police. When I arrived at her house, the police were unbelievably rude and when I tried to go into the house with her son, (she wanted me to come in, but they didn’t) they threatened me with arrest saying it was a crime scene and demanded my drivers license when I wanted to get their badge numbers to complain of their harsh rudeness. They made me feel like I was a criminal, when all I was trying to do was help my friend in a tough situation.

    What happened to police who worked in tandem with the community? Who weren’t the enforcers, but endeavored to be part of the community to build a more peaceful, harmonious place to live? Just giving the cyclist a warning would be enough. I know it’s a scary and hard job. But handcuffs for a cyclist? Wow.

  2. I wonder how many drivers drove by chatting on their hand-held, not hands-free cell phones during this time.

  3. LAPD won’t show up to an auto accident scene unless there is blood on the pavement but this they have time for? Wonder what the big infraction was (sarcasm as I note the ticket was 10 bucks) to warrant this attention when there are more pressing matters in the city for them to attend to.

  4. I call B*11SH!T! We cyclists have a bunch of crybaby wimps among us! Grow up, and fight off the urge to lie and whine like a complete biatch! I hate these idiots making sh!t up because they hate the pOlice. The cops aren’t perfect, but all this bitchified complaining is WAAAAAAAAAAY over the top!

  5. Furthermore…..Keep your light on dog-balls and you won’t get a ticket! Or even worse get hit by a car. What if a rapist is leaving the neighborhood on his bicycle and has his lights off. What if he just got done pile-driving your mother in the can and rides right past the cops? You bunch of piss-sipping babies would be all up in arms complaining about the cops. What a bunch of sniveling malcontents. The window of positive public opinion is shutting on us due to these punks-ass stories.

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