Is it a donut or is it art? (or: Oh, the things I eat for this blog)

I spent a month on Donut Detox after the Donut Summit, during which not a single donut was allowed within my line of sight.  However, the call of the cruller is seductive, and this weekend I gamely ventured forth to DK’s donuts to break my donut fast.

DK’s was a sleeper favorite at the Donut Summit – I’m still kind of bitter that their blueberry apple fritter didn’t take home the Best Fritter award – but I’d never actually been in person, and I am pleased to report that it is a land of magic and wonders.  They have a few varieties of fresh whipped cream filled donuts which are to die for – there’s one with chocolate frosting, inexplicably called the Canadian Cream; and one with a glaze, with the even more inexplicable and grammatically creative name “French d’Cream.”  They’ve got a maple bacon bar, chocolate whipped cream filled, and guava filled, and, well,  just look at this ridiculous list of donuts you can get there.    But the most mysterious and enticing donut of all was something labelled “Cream Pup.”

Asking what was in a Cream Pup would have been cheating, so we just bought one and took it home for proper scientific classification.  It does not look like any donut I have ever known, and god knows what the “pup” in cream pup refers to, because as far as I can tell, the only connection it has to pups or puppies of any kind is that it sort of resembles a giant chocolate dog turd, only deliciouser:

But once you cut it open, behold the magic that lies beneath that chocolately glaze!

So, in case you can’t tell, what we have going on here is an old fashioned donut, with a heaping mound of buttercream frosting on top, dipped in chocolate.  Which is such a ridiculous idea.  Who thought of this?  I would like to meet that particular mad genius and pat them on the back, because, damn it was delicious.  The donut was fresh and nutmeggy and somehow managed to hold its own against that towering onslaught of frosting and chocolate.  So, congratulations, DK’s:  you have single-handedly managed to transform the humble donut into a work of weird, surrealistic pop art, and for that I salute you (although I’m fairly certain my arteries do not).

DK’s is located at 1614 Santa Monica Blvd, if you want a cream pup of your very own.

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  1. That is one crazy mad donut! I admire your donut restraint. I am not quite ready to get back on that horse yet, though the sound of a blueberry fritter is making me hungry….

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