Win Tix For Queensrÿche Cabaret!

Queensrÿche Cabaret

Queensrÿche returns to Los Angeles on Friday night, bringing their latest creation to Club Nokia. Enter below to win your tickets to the show.

Progressive rock is about creating something. Not just the same old rock & roll with a 4/4 beat, but stretching the boundaries; trying new things. Queensrÿche has done it again, this time with their Cabaret.

Queensrÿche Cabaret is coming to Club Nokia on Friday, July 23. Geoff Tate and company will be joined onstage by caged go-go dancers, burlesque dancers, aerialists, jugglers, a contortionist and more. They’ll be performing the hits and never-before-heard selections woven together to tell a story in song. This show is being billed as “the first adults-only rock show,” and it will certainly be Queensrÿche as you’ve never seen them before.

As a special bonus, head over to BottleRock downtown (a couple of blocks from Club Nokia) before the show Friday night. Geoff Tate will be there in the lounge from noon to 4:00pm signing bottles of his own wine, Insania.

Want to see the show, courtesy of Blogging.LA? Leave me a note in the comments below telling me about your first time seeing Queensrÿche, or if this will be the first time, why you want to see this show. I’ll pick the winners and notify via email.

I’ll get things started. My first time was when I went to see Kiss at the Long Beach Arena in (I think) 1986. The opener was some unknown band called Queensrÿche. I knew nothing about them, but from the moment they hit the stage, I knew they were something special. I became an instant fan, and 24 years later Queensrÿche is still one of my favorite hard rock bands. Can’t wait to see the Cabaret!

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  1. I have never seen Queensrÿche, but i’d love to see some crazy carbaret to the tune of Queensrÿche.

    Fond memories of them growing up in the 80s. I think i had a cassette…

  2. My first time was also at the Long Beach Arena, but in early 1992 for the Operation Live Crime tour. Cannot ever forget the experience as I was pregnant at the time and didn’t realize before I went that it was such a small venue. With Scott on drums and Ed on Bass doing the full Mind Crime album I was getting kicked really hard from what I thought was the baby, but turned out to be twins! They are 18 now and although I have yet to take them to a Ryche show, they are still my very favorite band and I tell my girls that in fact they have been to a Queensryche concert! I would love to see the Club Nokia show and this time if I get kicked it will be from the person I’m standing next to!

  3. I absolutely love Queensryche! They have been my favorite band since the early 80’s! The first time I saw the band was back in the LA club scene. I have been a fan since their first EP came out and I heard Queen of the Ryche. I was hooked! My one and only tattoo is of the TriRyche. I would love to see this show at Club Nokia as I have not seen the cabaret and this would be such an awesome show to see!
    Rycher for Life! \m/!!

  4. My first Queensryche show was in Virginia in 1985. Living in West Virginia we didn’t get very many metal bands and didn’t have enough of a population or venue for unknown bands. I was given a copy of the Warning on vinyl by my friend Mike Marker and I loved it. We found out through the mailing list (remember those?) that Queensryche was playing in a club about 7 hours drive from where we lived…on a school night. So we concocted a story and 3 high school seniors made a road trip with fake id’s in hand to see the band. We had just enough money for gas, food and show tickets so we took turns driving and sleeping in the car. It was a great show. Having recently moved, I have been going through old boxes of stuff and 2 days ago I found my original cassette of Rage for Order which is so stretched it’s unplayable and was used so often 90% of the printing has been rubbed off. Luckily there’s digital media now.

  5. I have seen every single concert that Queensryche has played in Los Angeles since 1984. This is one of the most entertaining bands out there. I am not able to attend this show due to financial troubles right now. I did get to see the cabaret in Palm Springs last month and it is an awesome show in the fact that they play alot of songs that are not usually played live, so it is a treat to us true Rycher’s. Whomever gets these free tickets, enjoy the lighter and deeper side of this great rock band. SPEAK !

  6. I was introduced to Queensryche by my boyfriend. I am a late bloomer and didn’t really start listening to them until 2001. My boyfriend was in a Queensryceh tribute band “Prophecy”. I went to my first show during 2003 and have been hooked ever since. We got sound check passes at the Gibson and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. We meet up with some people from what are called “Empires”. Local fan club members and had such a great time that they have all become great friends and family.

  7. I too am a late bloomer. I didn’t start listening to them until 2007. My first concert was in February of 2008 and man did they ROCK!!!! I was introduced to them by watching Metal Mania on VH1 classic. I was working out to the music when “Empire” came on and Geoff Tate’s voice just captivated me. I just turned 30, full-time medical student as well as a full-time care giver for my going to be 96 grandmother. I am the youngest grandchild and gave up everything I had in Vegas to move back and move in with her so that she didn’t have to leave her home. I have been taken care of her for 5 years almost 6 years now. I tried to see the Palms Springs one although my date was so drunk as well as rude not to just me but to everybody around us. He was texting, telling me he wanted to leave, then on his cell phone talking to other people therefore embarrissing me as well as pissing me off so much that I left after 2 songs. It would be really nice to the concert.

  8. These are great stories everyone. Keep ’em coming. Also, great to see so many women posting. Prog Rock/Metal are genres that are often dominated by a bunch of dudes, so it’s nice to see the ladies coming out in numbers.

  9. First time I saw Queensryche was at Irvine Meadows in the 80’s. It was a perfect summer night. The stars were definately in line that night. I knew I found my band!!!!The show was great and one of many more to come.

  10. The first time I saw Queensryche was at House of Blues in Anaheim California. THe show was awesome would love to see their new Cabaret show.

  11. My first and only time seeing Queensryche live was when they were doing the Operation Mindcrime tour (the one before OM2 came out). Until then, I wore out a couple copies of Operation: Mindcrime on cassette.. due to my truck not having a CD player. The first part of the concert was just a greatest hits set. After intermission, a DJ from (I miss the real KNAC… the internet version is just not the same) started to introduce Mindcrime when some guy ran out onto the stage… beginning the show.

    The best part of Mindcrime was Suite Sister Mary.. with the backing of a few members of the LA Philharmonic ,, it just blew me away.

  12. I’m very interested to see what this show really is. Mindcrime 2 was great on stage, as was promised land…i just don’t know what to expect, I haven’t read any reviews purposely.

  13. I’m very interested to see what this show really is. Mindcrime 2 was great on stage, as was promised land…i just don’t know what to expect, I haven’t read any reviews purposely. I did see someone on fb complaining that there won’t be any songs off mindcrime played,but come on that has been done to death,you had plenty chances to see those played. I would love to see them do Scarborough Fair

  14. My husband (then boyfriend) took me to my first Queensrÿche show at the San Jose Civic Center in CA. It was May 14, 1989. I still have the concert shirt and ticket stub. It was the Operation Mindcrime tour. I wasn’t a huge fan at first. I was into the hair metal scene where the lyrics were typically about drinking, partying and banging chicks. Queensrÿche was too “smart” for my musical taste back then I guess. That was until I saw them live. After that everything changed and they become my all time favorite band. They hold that title and my heart to this very day. We travel up and down the west coast while they’re on tour. Just in the last 5 yrs alone we’ve been to 43 shows with two more on our calendar this year (subject to additions). They wow me everytime. I’m a member of the Queensrÿche Campaign ( where the ultimate Ryche fans meet and am a leader in my local “Empire” (fan club chapter). I <3 Queensrÿche!!

  15. The contest has now ended and winners have been notified. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners. If you didn’t win, you should still see this show. Tickets are still available here: and at the box office.

    Also if you didn’t win, keep an eye on Rumor has it I have tickets for the Scorpions’ farewell tour, coming to Ontario next week.

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