Learn to Make Sushi This Wednesday in Little Tokyo

Everyone loves a good spicy tuna roll. Or a big pile of nigiri. But eating out is expensive. And the economy sucks. My wardrobe has been reduced to a comically large barrel with a pair of suspenders attached, which makes it difficult to perform simple tasks such as driving and combing the beach for lost valuables.

But take heart, sushi lovers; this Wednesday night you’ll have the chance to learn to make your own sushi. The teacher: Sushi chef Nikki Gilbert, who has been featured on one of the less insane Japanese reality television shows (the title escapes me, probably because it’s in Japanese). Nikki was also chef at Masa Sushi, a Hokkaido sushi joint with a 70-year history.

What’s unusual about Nikki is that, traditionally, sushi chefs tend to be male, owing largely to the belief that women’s bodies aren’t the proper temperature for making sushi. This particular bit of misogyny seems pretty odd to me, since all the girls I know tend to get cold easily. You’d think a low body temperature would lend itself well to handling raw fish. But I guess nobody ever reasoned their way into a system of institutionalized sexism.

Anyway, the details: The class takes place at 7:30 PM this Wednesday night (July 21) in room 200C of the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center on 244 San Pedro Street in Little Tokyo. You’ll need to bring a cutting board, a knife, and $60 (cash or check), which might seem expensive, but if you eat sushi as often as I do, it’ll pay for itself soon enough. You’ll learn how to buy fish; how to make hand rolls, cut rolls and basic nigiri; how to prepare sushi rice and cut vegetables; and basic sushi etiquette.

Need more info? Get outta here, you.