Ride, Said The Mayor

Earlier today Mayor Villaraigosa(‘s aide) tweeted about how much he enjoyed last night’s Summer Night Lights event at the Jim Gilliam Recreation Center in Baldwin Hills. In the tweet the mayor(‘s aide) wrote about eating, doing arts and crafts and bicycling with the community.

Wait a minute: bicycling? It took all of his first term and a year into his second before I heard him even utter the word “bicycle,” and it was in the sentence “What the hell is a bicycle?” Now he’s claiming to actually have rode around on one?

Cynicaliciously skeptified, of course I was all set to tweet back the proverbial “Pix or it didn’t the hell happen,” but instead I clicked on the link in the tweet that took me to his Flickr photoset of him doing various picture-perfect things. Just when I thought there was no visual proof of him actually riding, behold — and on the brand and make of bike I ride. It’s like we’re related all of a sudden.

Photo opp or not (borrowed fixie or not), I am seriously in shock and awe. I honestly never ever ever thought I’d see such a sight.

9 thoughts on “Ride, Said The Mayor”

  1. Oh man. This really is HISTORICAL. I too have been waiting for this day. It is especially poignant considering that former mayor Richard Riordan was an avid cyclist when he was mayor.

  2. Did he disclose who gave him the bike or was there a special proclamation involved?

  3. According to the LA Times he broke his elbow Saturday in a bicycle accident. He was riding on Venice Blvd. and a taxi cut him off so he hit the brakes and wiped out.

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