Languid LA Summer Nights

One of the sweetest things about a 98 degree day like today in Los Angeles, is the cool night that follows.  Just when I thought I couldn’t take the fiery heat anymore… the sun set and a cool breeze blew in.  It was time to light the candles and dine alfresco on the deck.

As the crescent moon set over the canyon, I broke out a new organic sparkling wine from Spain I found at Trader Joes.  “Albero”  is the name.  Super perfection when paired with the strawberries growing on the deck.  And even delicious without them!  I can’t really remember exactly how much it cost, but it had to be relatively cheap since I’m not buying the expensive stuff much!  Yummy.  A perfect summer compliment to the soft summer night.

I welcome summer in LA!  Yes, the hillsides burn, we sweat and swear at the heat, but oh!!!! the nights!