Meet Nino, The Kogi Family’s Badass Lil Bro

Hello, Nino.  Just a hot little orange Scion xD, right?


Previewed at the Las Vegas SEMA show and the LA Auto Show late last year, this little hot rod is officially called the Scion xD Mobile Kitchen.  Chef Roy calls it Nino; I’m giving it a full name: Kogi Kar Nino.  Kogi Kar Nino is a collaboration between Kogi and Scion, with full customization to exact specifications by MV Designz.  As you can see, it is indeed a mobile kitchen, all packed into a four door roadster.  It has everything, including the kitchen sink.  As I’ll explain below, Chef Roy is going to use this little guy as  a vehicle to serve food.  For free.

The backseat passenger is a kitchen sink.
The trunk pops open to reveal a grill.
The cutting board, of course.

Everything can be controlled by a remote smaller than a iPod Nano.  For you auto jocks, the full specs of the Scion concept car can be found here.

Chef Roy will be jetting around town in Nino soon to find “hungry people” and feed them.  What sorts of hungry people?  “Just anyone,” he said.  “I’ll just drive, see where I end up, pull over, and just start making food.”  That means you can’t stalk Nino on Twitter, or anywhere else; it will be just luck of the draw for all of us.  But when we do find him/he finds us, there is a major jackpot: it will all be free.  That’s right.  Free.  You don’t even need to sign up for a mailing list in exchange – there are no strings attached.  Why?  It’s not like Chef Roy or his Korean-food-with-a-giant-twist needs the publicity.  With all due respect to the other food trucks out there, queueing theory hits a wall when Kogi enters the picture.  Even when parked along the same street as other trucks (i.e., 9th and Hope), people bypass the little-to-no lines at the other trucks to wait in a long line at Kogi.  And Chego is busy every night it’s open.

It would seem, then, that Chef Roy is just doing this more on principle than anything else.  He wants to use Nino to push the boundaries a bit, as parents often do with their youngest offspring.  He pointed out that the current culinary trend  appears to be “going back to the old school stuff” like curing your own bacon and grinding your own meat.  He’s bucking the movement in favor of “looking into the future” and seeing where he can take this idea of a kitchen packed into a four-door hatchback.   Why re-re-invent the wheel when you can invent new ones?  Especially when your new wheels are super hot.

6 thoughts on “Meet Nino, The Kogi Family’s Badass Lil Bro”

  1. Great post! Love the vehicle. I’m curious whether he’ll try to find “hungry people” who he thinks are hungry not by choice, as opposed to more well-to-do folks who are simply between meals.

  2. @JWM: Aye, and the LAT had a piece on it when Kogi did get involved (which I linked to). Only “new” part is what Chef Roy is planning to do with it – from what I understand, that decision was very recently made.

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