DWP Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights cancelled – looking for options.

DWP Festival of Lights
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Sorry, kids. There will be no bitching about how tack the DWP’s Holiday Light Festival this year. No arguing about how bike or pedestrian friendly it should be. That’s right – Santa Claus Tom LaBonge has cancelled the annual event.

Unfortunately, this isn’t some sort of mandate against the DWP for rate hikes and an aversion to accountability and transparency, but simply a matter of practicality. From LaBonge’s weekly update: “Due to the cost and amount of time need to halt a major construction project – the installation of a major water line, the River Supply Conduit – as well as the installation of the new zoo parking lot, it is in the public’s best interest to cancel this year’s event.”

However, LaBonge still hopes for “an alternative location for this great, free, family-friendly event,” and to contact his office if you have any ideas. Heck, leave a comment below and will nudge his staff to keep an eye on this thread.

12 thoughts on “Festival of Lights cancelled – looking for options.”

  1. If only there were some other park near downtown that could be extravagantly decorated. If only there were some other street in Los Angeles that might want the traffic of thousands of tourists.

    Sadly no. There are none. If it doesn’t involve a two mile traffic jam on the 5 and a ban on anything that doesn’t use gas, were just going to have to cancel it.

  2. use the cornfields downtown? i love the festival of lights and is one of the highlights of my holiday season.

  3. This is so sad! This festival was always very well attended and something that kids and adults alike could enjoy. Seems cutting it out this year is being done for the same reason as the closure of the Zoo Parking Lot shuttle to the Hollywood Bowl this Summer. This is a major inconvenience to thousands of Bowl attendees during the relatively short 10 week musical season, and means that people must pay $16 (Yes! $16 big ones!) to park at the Hollywood Bowl lot rather than the reasonable $4 round trip bus fee. Come on Tom! Can’t something be done about this?

  4. Wow that is dissapointing I live in San Diego now but loved going when I lived in LA and planned on going this year surely there is somewhere it can be moved? Why not skid row the people in the area need the attention and people can drive and donate $ food and clothes. There’s an idea?

  5. I agree, the 6th Street Bridge or Cornfields would be amazing locations for the festival! Please move it Downtown – we want it.

  6. Pershing Square would be wonderful! Think of it with the ice-skating and the lights….

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