Win Tix (And Win Points With Your Kid): Jordin Sparks at Club Nokia

Are you a tween? No? Perhaps you parent one. Perhaps you’re not afraid to let your inner 13-year-old freak flag fly. But for whatever the reason, you want these tix to see the multitalented America Idol winner, Jonas Brothers gal pal and ubiquitous Nickelodeon guest star Jordin Sparks when she plays live at Club Nokia this Friday.

Wanna get the tickets? Leave a comment telling me the very first musical idol you had a crush on. We’ll pick a few lucky winners to go.

Featured photo by colormepink on flickr via a creative commons license.

6 thoughts on “Win Tix (And Win Points With Your Kid): Jordin Sparks at Club Nokia”

  1. The very first musical idol i had a crush on would have to be the Jonas Brothers. well i had likes here and there but never really crushes. My hugeeee insane crush r the Jonas Brorhers!!! They mean the whole world to me! I love the way they were brought up and how they r so down to earth! I have been a hugeee fan for 4 years now and i willl continue to love them till the end!!! :) Jordin sparks is amazzing!! i first became her fan the first time i heard the song battlefield!! it is Def one of my fav songs!! I think she has an amazzing voice and amazzing talent!!!!! :) i would loveeee to go to one of her concerts!!!! :) i love her and i love JB forever!! There is something about the jonas brothers that no other band has. They have a purtiy ring. It shows how much they r disiplined and grounded by their mom and dad. I thank papa and mama jonas for bringing these 3 angels into my wolrd!!!!!! There is no life without the Jonas Brothers! They r Def 3 in a million! :)

  2. Chris Brown!!!!!! That was until he went all crazy on RiRi… But I always thought he was soo cute and so talented! and he seemed like a great respectable young man…bad tempered i guess?? idk. but he was my first celebrity crush…i had pictures of him all over my wall :) but i’m over it now. hahaha

  3. I think the first musical crush I had was Chilli of TLC, during the “CrazySexyCool” era. I was about 10 when I started paying attention to music (like who sang what song, starting to have favorite artists), and TLC (and Chilli’s vocals and look) caught my attention.

  4. David Cassidy of The Partridge Family. Oh, come on. This heartthrob was pre-Disney, pre-Hannah, pre-Jonas. Same concept. Different era.

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