Signs the Recession is Still Going Strong

I am drafting this blog post from my desk at an office building/warehouse in Chatsworth where the water has been turned off all morning. “Why has the water been turned off?” you ask (or more likely you’re not asking because you really don’t care, but I’m going to tell you anyway). The water has been turned off because last night the plumbing itself was stolen. That’s right, someone stole a length of copper piping from the line that runs in front of the building where I work–and probably other buildings as well. Apparently (who knew?) you can get about $200 reselling a section of piping like that, so people go cruising neighborhoods looking for accessible copper piping to dismantle and sell. I lived through the “no radio” days in the urban east coast, and I must say, this tops that. So now, we here at my office are all crossing our legs and holding it while we wait for the repair to be finished; my boss is ordering a cage for the pipes in front of the building; and somewhere a couple of guys are happily smoking crack. The economy? I’m thinking it’s not improving.

5 thoughts on “Signs the Recession is Still Going Strong”

  1. Yeah, I did a google search about it after I came in today and discovered that it’s quite common. Copper pipes and catalytic converters–big theft items. News to me. It just makes me think–gosh, imagine what you could get done if you used your powers for good, not evil, plumbing thieves.

  2. Arizona started closing some of its highway rest stops, prior to the recession, because they couldn’t keep up with the stolen plumbing. Ah, junkies.

  3. I am impressed by the resourcefulness of the crackheads. You know they weren’t tweekers ’cause in the morning when y’all got there they’d be putting the pipes back together all wrong, then taking them apart again…

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