Bike thief caught in action, security refuses to help

I don’t know anything about this video other than what you can see by watching it, but judging by the LBCC shirt the guy is wearing and the LBMC sign on the wall behind him I’m guessing it’s in Long Beach. Watch it and see for yourself, but what appears to happen is a guy walks back to his bike to find another guy hovering over it having just cut the lock, he confronts the guy and is threatened meanwhile there are other people and security guards standing around who refuse to help in anyway and the lock cutter just walks away. When the guy asks the security guards why they refused to help at all they simply say he should have locked his bike up somewhere else. Unbelieveable.


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  1. Wow. I’m particularly infuriated at the end when witnesses come to the defense of the suspect after the victim put his hands on him.

    But after all the bullshit of the security guards absolutely failing to act and the bystanders making excuses why it was somehow OK for the perpetrator to “go off” on his accuser, the victim basically got it right at the end: it is a free for all and there’s rarely enough initiative in this world for rational consideration and action.

    My solution is to commit to taking care of your own business. It could be by calling 911 yourself or by taking physical measures to remove the threat. Obviously there are greater risks with the second choice, but personally, someone fucking with my property is fucking with me and had that been my bike I would’ve blindsided the motherfucker and steamrolled his ass. As is clear in this clip, going verbal with such a scumbag is as futile as relying on others for assistance. Reasoning does not work. Discussing does not work. The only thing that will work is if you put that jackass on the ground and keep him there.

    Such a “wild west” method will no doubt be deemed by others far more patient than me as idiotic, excessive or easier said than done, and those might all be valid rebuttals. But sorry, if I’m lucky enough to catch a thief in the act of stealing my property I’d be hard-pressed to let an opportunity to apply a shitload of negative reinforcement go by.

  2. yeah why is this guy trying to guilt those thugs into apologizing? grab something hard, sneak up and crack his head open. Those are the only words losers like that guy listen to. Oh and get better locks if you actually care about you bike, no one gives a shit about your property here.

  3. it’s not security’s job to make any arrest…their job is to observe and report as unarmed security.

    for the victim to blame the security was wrong. they did not see what happened. it’s cut and dry. the victim could have made a citizen’s arrest, but he didn’t.

    also, he sounded like a weirdo just wanting to be the vicitim…and egging them on.

    1. Straight is correct in knowing what a security officer’s “observe and report” responsibilities are, but the guards on scene did neither. If they had they would have observed a confrontation and reported it to the police. Yet somehow Straight not only obsolves them of responsibility but finds fault in the suspect for not being satisfied with their absolute lack of action. True, they may not have seen the crime committed, but they witnessed the aftermath and heard the suspect threaten the bike’s owner with violence, and still they did nothing.

      Straight also apparently heard the victim argue for the guards to specifically “arrest” the suspect. Maybe he did say that, but I didn’t hear it. I heard the victim repeatedly ask them to contact the police about the crime he witnessed. And they refused.

      But Straight insists the victim was wrong to blame the guards.

      Straight then mention’s the good old citizen’s arrest option (a tool, by the way, that is also available to the guards). I’m curious how many CAs Straight has successfully executed. Maybe he or she can simply utter the very words words out loud and have perpetrators pronate obediently until law enforcement arrives, but I’ve rarely seen it work that way.

      Straight closes by armchair harshing the victim as a “weirdo.” That ALWAYS adds credibility to an argument.

    2. If that’s the kind of security City Place offers, it’s a wonder anyone shops there.
      The Security failed at their job, completely and entirely.

  4. This looks like the city place shopping center in Long Beach, right near where my boyfriend was beaten badly in broad daylight while people walked past. When he was able to call the cops, the cops basically said that this is happening more and more. (This is also one reason why we moved out of downtown Long Beach.)

    If I had been that cyclist, I would walked a few steps away, and called 911 myself. Engaging them won’t help anything. It is unfortunate that the security guard wouldn’t step in…too many people feel like they shouldn’t get involved. I guess I would rather take the “If I don’t care, then why should anyone care” approach. If I see something like this, I call the cops, even if I am not involved. It can’t hurt…

  5. This is definitely City Place. I sent them a link to the youtube video, and also contacted Robert Garcia, the city councilman who represents downtown Long Beach.

    The behavior by Security is abhorrent. They should be fired, if not outright prosecuted for helping the burglar.

  6. This happened right in front of Walmart on 5th in LB. If you look at the link here, LB Walmart, you’ll notice the flagpole he was tied to.

    This video really pisses me off and I hope alot I mean alot of people see it. Then with a little luck, we might have some city officials take action. I’ve sent emails to Walmart’s corporate office and to the Walmart where this happened. The person who recorded this goes to our meetings for the coop bike shop here, unfortunately I missed the last one and still haven’t talked to him yet. Would like to know where’s he’s at with this. I’ll definitely be bringing this up each time there’s a bicycle meeting here in LB. I’ll make some time this week and see if I can track down these security guards, and I use that term with great hesitation, can give me their take on it. I really really wana talk to that one that asked him why he didn’t park in the bike rack.

    There is not much lower than a bike-thief.

    Last month, an abused sick dog was left in a covered cage to be taken away like trash. The garbage men, realizing you can’t throw away a pet like trash, called the cops.
    Ernie at Ernie’s House of Whoop-Ass ( collects money in cases like this (for the animal’s medical bills), but he also keeps us informed on when the jerk who did it is going to court. I want a follow-up on this. I want to see this guy in court. If you need money to print up posters of his face, I’m down for $50.
    I hope this goes viral. I hope this guy’s picture goes up all over Long Beach. Cowards like this don’t do this just once, they do it again and again and it gets worse and worse.
    If we can’t do ‘Bait Car’, let’s do ‘Bait Bike’.

  8. Long Beach? Doesn’t surprise me. California sucks.

    Next time you need to carry a stun gun and a can of mace. Oh wait, are you allowed to do that in California nowadays ? Probably not.

    Best advice, move.

  9. fuck that those security guards were pieces of shits’.
    fuck security guards i would have spit on those faggots

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