Win Tix To See Concrete Blonde Monday June 28

Johnette Napolitano is bringing back the twice-dead, now-resurrected Concrete Blonde for a nifty tour, and they’ll be back in their hometown for what’s sure to be a triumphant homecoming. Wanna go? We’ve got your tickets right here. Just tell me what your absolute hands-down fave 80s song was…c’mon, don’t be embarrassed. When I was like seven or something I was in elementary school on the playground and someone was playing Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” on the ghettoblaster and me and my girlfriends all sang along loudly and I was the fu*king Queen Of Rock with my sweatshirt off one shoulder and my blue jeans torn & folded up and my L.A. Gear sneakers. There. Now you. Go on.

Info on the show is here.

Featured image by xrayspx via a Creative Commons license.

13 thoughts on “Win Tix To See Concrete Blonde Monday June 28”

  1. Concrete Blonde, Walking in London, Someday? “…it’s time to crash and burn or fly.”

  2. “Exit” by U2.
    Thanks for holding this contest, and congrats on the site!

  3. Oh man…just one?

    I’ll be contrarian and say “Weekend Boy” by Candy

  4. X-Ray Eyes by 3-D!!!

    [It’ll Chew You Up and Spit You Out by Concrete Blonde, for a close 2nd…]

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