My Kinda Hummer Update: Now With Extra Adorable

So back at the end of May I posted about the tiny¬† Anna’s hummingbird nest my sharp-eyed wife Susan found high up in the laurel tree that spreads over our front yard, and since then I’ve been keeping tabs on the momma as she patiently awaited her chicks’ arrival.

Sure enough they busted out of their shells sometime this morning, and once I discovered that most magnificent fact I hustled to capture the occasion by holding my digicam (mostly) steady up against the eyepiece of the 60x spotting scope and capture them as they were served breakfast. Enjoy:


5 thoughts on “My Kinda Hummer Update: Now With Extra Adorable”

  1. Good job! Hard to believe how far that beak goes down into the chicks. Did you have a chance to check out my Wearable Hummingbird Feeder? . . . you can actually see the tongues whipping out into the sugar solution . . . here is the youtube video link

    Keep us posted on the chicks.


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