Two Weeks In June: Your Group Stage World Cup Soccer Schedule In All Its Chalky Analog Goodness

This past Memorial Day morning I did my annual bike ride across town to Los Angeles National Cemetery, followed by a visit to LACMA (admission of which was free thanks to Target, who apparently foots the bill at the museum when holidays fall on Mondays — make a note of that). After checking out some of the art there the next destination was The Village Idiot, my next-door neighbor Dean Malouf’s restaurant on Melrose where we found excellent food and drink and this huge and awesome chalk-filled masterpiece detailing all the Group Stage matches in South Africa that will be broadcast* there between June 11 – 25  (pictured at right; click to ginormify), which Dean told me took about four hours to complete.

While I’m not much of a soccer fan, chances are good that I’ll wake up my inner hooligan by rolling over to a couple of these 7 a.m. weekday matches, probably South Africa v. Mexico, Spain v. Switzerland, and USA v. Algeria.

* While originally they were considering being open for the 4:30 a.m. matches, common sense prevailed and they’ve decided such sleep deprivation was just crazy.

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  1. Sounds good. Checked out the website and they have the schedule there also, which I have bookmarked. Menu definitely looks good, but any idea what sort of food they’ll be offering early mornings?

  2. Please. Not opening at 4:30 am? Amateurs. Those are regular wake-up times for us on the West coast hoping to watch the early Saturday Premiership fixtures. Your typical soccer bars will always be open that early, even if it’s something like Wigan v. Bolton. THIS IS THE WORLD FUCKING CUP. Your ass better be awake for 4:30.

    2002 presented an interesting dilemma–quite a lot of 2am kickoffs…to stay up the whole night, or to try to go to bed early and get enough sleep to wake up for the 2am, then stay up for the 4:30am kickoffs?

    Anyway, my must-see 4:30am group stage games:

    June 14: Netherlands v. Denmark

    June 17: Argentina v. South Korea

    June 18: Germany v. Serbia

    June 19: Netherlands v. South Korea. What can I say? I like the Netherlands. And you can bet there are going to be some awesome parties in K-Town for all of the South Korea games, especially this one.

    June 21: Portugal v. North Korea

  3. Evan, obviously I’m biased as to how awesome the place is and how nice its people are, but I don’t think they’re the amateurs you dis them to be. Flag them all you want but The Village Idiot is not the “typical soccer bar” you hold in such high esteem. It’s an upscale Melrose Avenue restaurant and bar and I’m sure they’re doing all that they are for love of the game. As I understand it they initially had every intention of opening up for the 4:30 a.m. matches, but logistics of closing at 2 a.m. and reopening at 4 a.m. (not to mention any potentially complaints from nearby residents who I’m sure won’t tolerate much more than a car door slamming too hard at that hour) just made the time slot not viable.

  4. My soccer snob sarcasm did not come through. There are soccer fans in the US that demand everything be done 100%, and anything less than that is a disgrace.

    It’s great that this place–unfortunately, haven’t been able to try it–is showing even some of the games. Though as a die hard soccer fan, I wish America was a soccer country, which it is slowly becoming. America is, however, a World Cup country, as this clearly shows.

  5. Love World Cup time. We were so lucky to have it in Pasadena in ’94. Truly a global event unlike any other.

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