ICME: And You Thought Scientology Was Odd

This church is on Pico Blvd and really caught my eye.

Can’t quite figure out if the translators mistook “essence” for “aroma” or ???

What is your guess?

10 thoughts on “ICME: And You Thought Scientology Was Odd”

  1. Given that Jesus was an itinerant hippie who spent much of his time around dead fish, I can’t imagine he had the best aroma. I’m avoiding this church.

  2. The first character/definition is probably what was intended, something more like “The Way (Direction) of Jesus Missionary Church”.

    I’m not a native korean speaker, so I can’t say for sure. Aroma may have some figurative meaning in Korean that doesn’t translate.

  3. from Spencer’s link- found this under “related phrases”

    castor 《the secretion from a beaver´s groin》


  4. I remember seeing that awesomeness during the Great LA Walk on Pico a couple years ago. It wasn’t far away from a hole-in-the-wall travel agency (since closed) on teh same street that for some odd reason used the likeness of Al Pacino’s Scarface in its signage.

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