LAPD attacks cyclists in Hollywood


This information is all just starting to roll in but it seems on Friday night the LAPD swarmed and attacked a group of cyclists on Hollywood Blvd. In the video above you can see an officer kick a cyclist as he rides by, and when the person filming it shouts at the officer he gets tackled and thrown to the ground. There are many other reports coming in on BikeSide LA some claiming officers drove cruisers into a crowd of cyclists, and that they stuck batons into the spokes of passing riders causing people to fly off their bikes onto the street. I wasn’t there, I didn’t see anything myself, but this sounds extremely messed up.

4 thoughts on “LAPD attacks cyclists in Hollywood”

  1. While the report is disturbing (pending confirmation of the facts), I regret to say that Critical Mass had it coming. I’m a biker myself, and I am gettig seriously fed up with Critical Mass’ overall mo-fo attitude during their night rides. They’re not helping promote biking on the streets, to the contrary — they make us all bikers less safe. They storm the streets and sidewalks, block traffic, ignore traffic lights and signs, insult passers by, and are a real danger to pedestrians and to themselves. The road belongs to everyone, but the rules of the road appy to everyone, too. Until they understand that, they’ll keep having problems with the cops, and bigger game drivers.

  2. A few people at Critical Mass may have their heads in the right place, but I don’t think these rides accomplish what they’re attempting by a long shot. If you want to make progress toward a world where cycling is generally accepted and supported as legitimate transportation, you have to work WITH other modes such as driving, not against them. So when I commute, I follow the rules, and ride safely. That doesn’t stop me from taking a lane, or other things that piss off drivers, but I try to set an example as a model bicycle commuter. That being said, these cops are ridiculous, and I hope they learn their lesson when they get assigned to a week of desk detail, or whatever ends up happening to them.

  3. Critical Mass put my family and I, as pedestrians, in very dangerous situation one night a few years ago. I have hoped since the law would come down on their heads. Although, not literally, so I am sorry to see them get hurt.

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