Restrain the kidlets notice: is it rude or warranted?

We’ve all had a meal ruined by a parent who served up their kid a sugary soft drink then allowed to run loudly unrestrained in the restaurant.  Or just cry uncontrollably while being smacked to STFU.  Rudy’s here in Monrovia added a request to be considerate and mind your kids to the front of their menu.  I’ve gotten comments its rude to do so.  Was it?

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“Having raised six children of our own, and now being proud “Abuelos” to six grandchildren (at last count!)  Rosa and I know how kids love to run and play.

We enjoy being a family restaurant, but we would sure appreciate it if you would keep a watchful eye on your little bundles of boundless energy.

Muchas Gracias, Rudy and Rosa”

8 thoughts on “Restrain the kidlets notice: is it rude or warranted?”

  1. I think it’s totally fine — it’s written very politely, and is a reminder to guests that it’s a restaurant — not a daycare or jungle gym, and certain behaviors are to be observed. If a patron is uncomfortable with that or is insulted, there are at least 5 other Mexican restaurants in Monrovia, two even within walking distance of Rudy’s. I say “Kudos.”

  2. I’m a parent of a soon-to-be 3-year old. I have no problem with that notice. I have to say, I think the problem of parents letting their kids run wild is a bit overblown, from my experience, but it does happen. And as a parent, I’m not happy with those parents, either. Even when my kid is well-behaved, we still get death stares from people at restaurants, and chances are it’s because they had a bad experience with oblivious parents in the past. Or maybe they’re just miserable bastards.

  3. I’m with you Julia, but not all parents take the time to teach their kids manners and how to behave in restaurants.

  4. I think it’s a very friendly reminder…. much needed in some cases. I HATE it when I go out and spend good money on a meal, only to have it ruined by parents who are unconscious of their kids needs. Clearly the owners wouldn’t have written this in their menus if it wasn’t needed! (BTW: I say this as a parent).

  5. As a parent of well behaved restaurant kids, I hate it when my meals are soured – as soon as we sit down – by eye-rolls from hipsters and sneers from those that would rather just talk on their phone and eat in “peace.”

    That said, reminding customers that they are responsible for their kids seems pretty common place and in no way offensive.

  6. I don’t see how a notice written so politely could ever be considered rude. What’s rude is when parents let their kids act out in public places, disturbing those around. If I had tried to get away with that when I was a kid, there would have been swift and overwhelming consequences.

  7. No harm done at all. At the very least, the reminder is for the safety of all the patrons, especially children.

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