Bike Every (Satur)Day In May: Black Dahlia/West Adams Ride

Well the first four are behind us: 10 Bridges, then Watts Happening, then the Frank Lloyd Wride, followed by last week’s 70-mile Two Rivers trek to Seal Beach and back.  But there’s one more Saturday left in May and I’ve saved what I hope is the best for last. Full of history and mystery, the Black Dahlia/West Adams Ride will feature landmarks of triumph and tragedy as we work our way back in time and across town:

We’ll head out from Silver Lake to the Biltmore Hotel, the last place Elizabeth Short was seen alive. From there here’s some of what we’ll bike to and see:

  • Stimson Residence
  • St. Vincent de Paul Church
  • Chester Place/Doheny Mansion
  • 2nd Church of Christ Scientist
  • Jackie Robinson’s 1947 Residence
  • Diamond Widow Murder Site
  • Leimert Park Site where Elizabeth Short’s remains were found
  • Black Panther Mural
  • Marquis Residence (“Six Feet Under” House)
  • Medal of Honor Recipient Walt Ehler’s Post-War Residence
  • Marvin Gaye Murder Site
  • Rindge Residence
  • Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery

After visiting the cemetery there’s a change in itinerary. Originally I was planning to go grab a lunch of my favorite tacos at the awesome El Parian in Pico-Union before heading back to Silver Lake, but since Bike Town Beta (some more info here) is taking place that afternoon in the neighborhood surrounding Pan-Pacific Park, I’m  heading over there instead and see what’s up with that.

As usual, we will gather Saturday morning at SilverSun Plaza (Sunset Boulevard & Parkman Avenue, Silver Lake) for a 10 a.m. departure. The route (mapped here) between Silver Lake and Pan-Pacific Park is about 23 miles. If I had to guess I’d say it’s going to take somewhere between four to five hours to cover all those places along the way. Hope you can join me.

2 thoughts on “Bike Every (Satur)Day In May: Black Dahlia/West Adams Ride”

  1. Another great ride. Thanks for sharing all your Saturdays in May and your awesome notes. All this amazing history that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise, and by bike no less. Heaven. People who did not get up for these so missed out. Now this is what Bike Month is all about. May these rides bleed out intermittently into Bike Life.

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