ICME: Dog on a Hot Tin Roof

Walking my dog through Echo Park bright and early on a few weekends ago, I caught this dog just hanging out on the roof of the house.  Just – standing there, watching us with his/her steely eyes.  I took it as a sign, but of what exactly, I’m not exactly sure.

3 thoughts on “ICME: Dog on a Hot Tin Roof”

  1. Some dogs will create their own ‘work’ if they are a working breed. I used to have an aussie shepherd mix that would herd anything: small children (into a cornier, where the dog thought they would be safe), chickens, etc and would patrol the house and the neighbors’ upstairs (friends who always welcomed my dog), going from room to room, all the way through.
    Could be this dog doesn’t have a lot to do so it’s created its own work and is ‘protecting’ the property and observing what goes on around it?
    Dogs don’t want to be neurotic, it’s people who make them that way by not understanding the dog’s needs…if you have a dog you probably have tuned in on what makes it happy–and not so…

  2. OOH that is interesting, lyn. Dog was cool as a cat (heh). I couldn’t for the life of me figured out how he even got in there – must have been through a hole in the fence. Kept a close eye on my dog and me as we walked past, so I think s/he definitely was being territorial.

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