Where to find donuts

The future of Metblogs is looking up (yay!), and we’re really energized after this weekend’s awesome Canter’s blogathon (yay again!), and, to top it all off, the Donut Summit is getting closer and closer!
Last week, Kevin and I headed up to Griffith Park to do some location scouting, and we think we’ve found the most donut-friendly spot in Griffith Park. If you’re looking for donuts on June 13th, you’ll want to head to the Vermont Ave entrance to the park. There are three picnic areas just slightly north of that entrance and slightly south of the Greek theatre, near the intersection of Vermont and Commonwealth Canyon drive. We’ll be in one of those three picnic areas, and we should be super easy to find – look for our donut signs! We’ll also post a quick update on the blog and on twitter the morning of the event to let you know which of those three picnic spots we’re in. And hey, look, here’s a map to help you find us on June 13!  We’ll be at one of the three spots indicated.

In the meantime, we’ve created a clearinghouse for Donut Summit info over at donutsummit.wordpress.com. You can also follow @donutsummit on twitter, and, if you’re still kicking around facebook, join our event page, and help spread the word!