Metblogs goes to Prom??

So I forgot to take a picture of my food until it was halfway eaten, but you get the general idea:

My chocolate milk came in the fanciest little glass. I’m actually going to get one of those Jell-O cups Julia blogged about earlier next.

The crowd has quieted down a little bit since I got here; it’s not much emptier, there’s just fewer rowdy tables. And maybe it’s just cause I am still waiting for my “second wind” to kick in and I’m projecting my sleepiness onto everyone else. But you wouldn’t guess it by how excited I (and Lucinda) were to take a picture with the prom kids!!!

The best is the girl sporting the classic “Date’s Tuxedo Jacket Over Prom Dress” look.

One thought on “Metblogs goes to Prom??”

  1. That prom picture made me feel 17 all over again, but hippier and without the zits.

    Your mac & cheese was great: all the gooey-ness of processed cheese, all the cheddary flavor. It was perfect! :)

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