Classic Eats Blog-A-Thon: Thank You!

The Blog-a-thon was a wild adventure into 24 hour Canter’s Land! I spent a total of about 6 hours there and I will admit my clothing and hair still, uh, smells a bit like it. Luckily it’s laundry day…

More importantly! While we fell way short of our fundraising goals (I did aim REALLY high), we did raise money for LA Foodbank. There was $61.78 deposited into our collection box. I hope you don’t mind if I round up and donate $62 even.

$62 donated = 248 meals or 310 pounds of food.


As for the canned goods, I estimate we collected between 60 and 100 pounds of it. The breakdown is as follows:

56 cans
4 package of pasta
5 packaged meals
2 jars
1 GIANT container of peanut butter
1 box of popcorn
1 bag of nuts
1 bag of pretzels

I will be delivering the cash and all these foods to the Foodbank tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone who came by to nosh, kibitz and donate. We loved being there.

4 thoughts on “Classic Eats Blog-A-Thon: Thank You!”

  1. Thanks Julia and everyone involved for another great event. The food at Canter’s was as delicious at it looked, and you have the photos to prove how delicious it looked! The people were nice too, especially Daniel. Good luck with that CD! It is always fun to hang with the bloggers and find out what is happening around town. I plan to catch “Road to Saigon.” thanks for the tip Joz. It was especially nice to be able to help out the LA Foodbank as well. It was a lot of fun and a real win, win event!

  2. Yes, thanks Julia and Kevin for putting it together. I had a great time. I finally got to meet the inimitable Ruth666 and hang out with everybody. Thank you Susan and Albert and my buddies Shane, and Tony and Chris for showing up when I was around. If Metblogs survives, I vote we do it again in a while at Norms. Though I’m sure the servers will not be as cute.

  3. Loved reading the Blog-A-Thon. A great glimpse into the life of Los Angeles’ premiere 24 hour deli diner Canter’s. No mention of Rodney Bingenheimer at his booth. Did he miss out on all this fun?

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