Canter’s at 6 AM

Good Morning! Driving to Canter’s from West LA is a dream at 5:30 am on a Sunday. I counted 10 cars eastbound on the 10 from Overland to Fairfax. It was like driving in a dystopian future, but with bagels and coffee waiting for me.

Kev-O and RobNoxious are still here, picking at a bag of chocolate rugelah while the staff cleans up around us. There is one older couple having breakfast though another younger couple was just finishing up as I got here. Otherwise, it is quiet as a church. Or temple, as the case may be.

I’ve met Jeanie, the famous Jeanie, but more about her in a bit.

Kev-O and RobNoxious have made their good-byes as I’ve sat here typing. The place is “filling” up. Okay, okay, there are six people here now, not just two. More importantly, I have to decide what to eat for breakfast.