Sunday Morning at Canters

Dashed into Canter’s this morning to say hi to WilL… we’re two of the oldest bloggers… and by that I mean we’ve been around 5-6 years on this site… okay, okay, maybe we ARE even the oldest of this crew of kids… I’m not fessing up, but we’ve been around!  And he’s an inspiration in his bike riding!  I think of him riding around the city a lot of moments I’m stuck in traffic.

But back to this morning….I have to say one of the greatest things about Canter’s is that they have FREE PARKING!  How rare is that in this city?  Damn rare. And more restaurants should take notice. Canter’s has been around since the 20’s. How’s that for surviving endless financial meltdowns!!!

But amidst the cacophony of early Sunday, the array of characters was really splendid.  If you want a slice of life of LA, young, old, hipster, native, ethnic…. it’s all here.  And white toast too.  I had a Bially.  Yum!

Thanks to all you hardworking bloggers (especially Julia and Lucinda) who put this together!  Hope we raised lotsa cash for the cause!