Just Call Me The Count

…because this is the Monte Cristo that’s about to be applied to my face.

So, yeah. There it is. The reason I’ll be cold and in the ground at forty.

Also, a waitron switch: Daniel is gone, much to my chagrin. He called me “Tootsie Pop.”It was a thing we had. Now, there’s Sheryl, who reminds me a little of my mom because they’re close in age and she brings me food that results in the staccato thud of my arteries slamming shut.

Oh, yeah, and Julia is up my ass about reminding you all about the LA Food Bank donation bin. So bring some food. Don’t do it for the needy. Do it for me.

2 thoughts on “Just Call Me The Count”

  1. I really, really wanted to order the Monte Cristo, but I just couldn.t…quite…bring myself to face it. I am in awe of you, Kevin. Awe. Thank you for doing what I could not.

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