Its really me…and pickle pron

The Brooklyn Sandwich, with SMOKED Turkey is the bomb-diggettiest.  Actually I got in trouble for taking pictures of the pickles.  Well whatever.

The LA Foodbank box is filling up.  REALLY filling up about half way already, the cash box needs a little help.  Times are tough I know, but if you got a spare dime or two to help them out please stop  by and see us and the other nearly dozen enjoying the food and fun times at Canter’s.

ps…this is my post #700. I’ll be returning control of my log-on to RUTH666

One thought on “Its really me…and pickle pron”

  1. (Ruth666 here, wrestling my way out of this burlap bag Frazgo stuffed me into so he could post his Big Number 700)

    Urmpht – getting stuffed back in —

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