Destroyed by Desserts At Canter’s

Well, my shift is almost over. Jozjozjoz has arrived to take over for the next few hours.

The one thing I’ve noticed most about spending time here is the personal relationship the waitresses build with their regulars. Our waitress knew the names of everyone she was serving.

Behind me, a guy has a loud phone call: “Hey, Jim, guess what?! We got Yelped! Not a good Yelp though. It was like one star. They guy said he wasn’t happy with the cut. What did he bring in–a photo of a celebrity? And he asked for that hair?” [silence] “No worries, no worries. It was just smooth then? Blowout? Well, no problem. I’ll be back soon.”

I ordered like seventeen desserts as a selfless service to you, the reader.


4 thoughts on “Destroyed by Desserts At Canter’s”

  1. They were SOOOOOOO good! Buttery, light, crispy where appropriate, the cookies and cheesecake surprisingly light & fluffy…

    I’ll cop, I didn’t actually eat it all, though. Brought most of it to my friend’s house. :)

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