Canter’s Gang

We are perched at the end of the counter, look for the big LA Foodbank donation box (which is getting pretty full, thank you all, I think we are well on the way to 200 pounds of canned food.)

We had a rowdy time with Fraz and Ruth and Travis and Lynn and Greg and his kids. Lynn is lingering over pie (post to come) and Al (long time reader, first time joiner) and Kurt my husband just wolfed down a slice of blueberry pie al a mode. YUM! Daniel our is still giving us shit and we love him for it. He’s only here until 10 though.

The place is really filling up, both in the main room (the old school room with the acid trip ceiling) and the bigger, newer dining room. A young couple right here next to me said they live out in San Bernadino and San Gabriel and go to school at UC Riverside.

–OOH! Rob Noxious just got here! Woot!

Back to the young couple — it’s her first time at Canter’s and his 5th time. They LOVE the food and she thinks the onion rings are the best ever!

That’s why we are here, people. Come on over!

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  1. (Comment from Ruth666, still logged in as frazgo, still can’t crack this password bs)

    BUMMER to miss Rob Noxious!!! He’s a complete doll –

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