Bike Every (Satur)Day In May: The Two Rivers Ride

Sorry for the last minute posting. Didn’t want any intrepid souls to think it wasn’t happening, so to anyone considering/planning on joining me for tomorrow’s fourth of my five Bike Every (Satur)Day In May rides: tomorrow’s Two Rivers Ride is indeed on. I’m expecting attendance to be unlike past weeks not only because of the 65-plus mile distance involved, but also because I’ve ratcheted the start time to seven o’clock in the morning.

Why the gawd-awful early start? Well, what better way to conclude our long-distance roll than to enjoy some of the 7th stage of the Tour of California, whose 21-mile boomerang time trial course stretches between Bunker Hill south to the Coliseum and back.

The main difference with this trek is that there won’t be any of my usual stop & blah-blah (I’m saving my vocal chords for May 29’s Black Dahlia/Historic West Adams Ride). This is strictly a journey for the love of biking. From Silver Lake we’ll get downtown and from downtown we’ll get to the Real Eastside via the 6th Street Bridge and cruise Whittier Boulevard all the way across it to the San Gabriel River and its bikeway. From there we’ll roll downstream unhindered by cross traffic or door zones all the way to Seal Beach, work our way up into Long Beach to experience the joy of the 2nd Street sharrows before enjoying the serenity of the LBC’s beach bike path to get to the Los Angeles River where we’ll head inland back to the Arts District and lunch at Wurstkuche.

The route is mapped here. We start and finish at SilverSun Plaza (Sunset Boulevard & Parkman Avenue, Silver Lake). I’m estimating that without problems it’ll be approximately a five-hour tour, so if all goes well we’ll be lunching before 1 p.m. and  marveling at the time trials about an hour after that.

PS. Wanna join me but don’t have the time or the inclination to go all the way?  Then hop the Blue Line around mile 40 when we get near downtown Long Beach.

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  1. We rode our motorcycles to the top of ACH and watched the bikes go by. It was neato keen but I’d much rather see a motorcycle race on those roads.

    Enjoy your ride.

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