Did LA’s Arizona Boycott stir up more than expected?

If you read this Washington Times article LA’s sticking its nose into AZ’s business with a threatened boycott one would think so.  Did you know that one  AZ lawmaker has openly encouraged the utilities, nasty coal burning plants to be precise, to take that into consideration and renegotiate the rates charged LA for its power?  Did you know that some 25% of LA’s power comes from AZ?   Should we even care?  Is anyone willing to have an electrical brown out during heat waves or pay higher rates to prove a political point?  Debate it.

16 thoughts on “Did LA’s Arizona Boycott stir up more than expected?”

  1. Ha! Just saw this news crawl across the bottom of the Today Show. The nice thing about big corporations like utility companies is that they know what side their bread is buttered on. I don’t think they’re about to risk a substantial portion of their share of the market to prove some political point. But who knows? I’m sure stranger things have happened.

    However, I think the more disturbing news is that I was watching the Today Show.

  2. If L.A. boycotts Arizona, it’s hard to imagine why Arizona wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) boycott right back.

  3. When Utah’s citizens stuck there nose into California’s laws last year during the prop 8 mess we cried foul. Now here in Los Angeles were sticking our noses into other states politics. LA should but out and stop trying to bully others. Arizona is right to respond to the states threat hopefully they can follow threw because LA Couldn’t, picking and choosing which contracts would be voided and which ones kept because they would hurt the city financially. You can’t have it both ways LA!

  4. Not sure about the coal plants but I do know that CA utilities own part of Palo Verde.

  5. I find this very interesting that in our current state of economic condition that one government would be spending money so poorly.I
    would be looking at some impeachment proceeding.You want to increase our
    taxes.I find it appalling how you show you’re going to waste it on some thing that doesn’t envolve them.Let us see if it gets support on election day.Good luck LA !!!!!!!!!

  6. Asinine. Just leave AZ alone. Can someone get an impeachment started for our ass of a mayor?

  7. I don’t believe in the boycott in the first place, so I’m not willing to suffer, but it doesn’t matter what my preferences are.

    Unlike the showboating local politicos who’ve run the city into the ground, the officers and directors of the utilities have a fiduciary duty to act in the best financial interest of the utilities’ shareholders, so they aren’t supposed to pick up their ball and go home if doing so would cost shareholders money.

    The utilities shouldn’t turn down paying customers, especially ones with supply contracts in place, even if those customers are represented by feckless, smug, self-serving politicians who care more about illegal aliens than they do about the constituents they are actually supposed to serve.

    Unfortunately, the hacks we have making these decisions for the city aren’t subject to the same constraints, so we get this boycott nonsense instead of a city budget within reasonable balance.

    I do think it was good of the AZ utility commissioner to highlight just how full of it the city council and el alcalde are, although that’s not hard to do.

  8. Let it stir. That’s the effing point. I remember in the 80s a lot folks didn’t agree with boycotting South Africa into ending apartheid or in the 90s for putting pressure on AZ to recognize MLK Day. I, for one, am glad to have been on the right side of history then just as I am now.

  9. As I read on Laist and an LA Weekly blog, the LADWP actually has partial ownership of those power plants; there is nothing Arizona can do to prevent us from having access to energy sources that we own, and making use of those energy sources does not go against the boycott (because LADWP owns them).

    So isn’t this a non-issue? The Arizona governor was making empty threats without having actual facts to back him up.

  10. Yes, the power is generated in Arizona – by LADWP-owned assets. No ratepayer money is going into any Arizona corporation’s pocket.

    And the coal plant up by Four Corners is on the Navajo Nation’s land. That’s sovereign territory – and LA isn’t boycotting the Navajo Nation.

    Besides, the city’s boycott applies to new contracts, not existing contracts. No one’s suggesting that the LA city government should repudiate contracts already signed – just that it shouldn’t sign new contracts.

    “Using power generated in Arizona by an LA municipal agency” is not at all the same as “signing new contracts to do business in Arizona”.

    It’s a completely false equivalence.

    And we’re not “sticking our noses into Arizona’s laws.” No one is suggesting we should spend millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours on a lies-and-bullshit advertising campaign to influence an Arizona election.

    That’s what happened with Utah’s Mormons and Prop. 8. That’s *not* what’s happening here.

    This is just refusing to do business, going forward, in a state whose laws we find objectionable. “Spending your money somewhere else” is not “sticking your nose into their laws.”

    Yet another completely false equivalence.

  11. I think the late surge of comments (previous 4) have got it right. But I was also puzzled by Arizona’s threat to CA. If they refused to sell power to CA because CA was refusing to spend some state dollars in AZ, wouldn’t that just take more CA dollars away from AZ? IOW, wouldn’t AZ just be boycotting itself? Oh well, I guess no one’s accusing AZ officials of being overly smart.

    It should also be noted that the Washington Times is not a mainstream or well-respected news source. It’s a wack job sheet funded by Rev. Moon and his Unification Church, and is currently up for sale.

  12. At first I was all, “whoa.” Then I was like, “yipe.” But finally, I was all, “meh.”
    I can’t blame Arizona for threatening to boycott us. I’m still boycotting Arizona. If we have to walk around with candles 2 nights of the week, I’m cool with that. In fact, maybe as part of our boycott of Arizona, we should just stop buying their power and deprive them of that revenue as well.

  13. If Jan decides to use imminent domain, she is going to lose a lot of revenue, because all L.A. have to do is move to Nevada and they’ll get rich. God I love public power utility.

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