Vulcan Mining pits Duarte against Azusa

Vulcan Mining pit, pic by me, gets bigger with a click.

The battle lines have been drawn for a while.  Due to a bizarre gerrymander with the Azusa city limits a portion lies adjacent to Duartes northern border.  It would be no big deal under normal conditions if it weren’t for the fact that stretch of Azusa is strip mined by Vulcan Mining for aggregate used in building materials.   Vulcan has now come up with a plan to increase their operation and via a land swap move closer to Duarte’s back door resulting, at least in Duarte’s position increased dust and particulates in the air to say the least in the northern end of their fair city.

The Pasadena Star News reports today that Azusa has another, possibly last public hearing on the land swap and increased mining by Vulcan, before voting on it.  That meeting is set for tonight in Azusa Council Chambers. Full Story here.

Duarte has been battling this planned swap and increased mining activity since 2008.  Their city web page is full of articles on the topic.  One advises of tonights meeting and another on their key issue with the Environmental Impact Report, the damage to the Van Tassel Creek Watershed.  Duarte maintains that the EIR done by Vulcan and Azusa is flawed in that it doesn’t address damage to the watershed, flood control mitigation, dust mitigation and other factors.  Their key argument seems to be the damage to the watershed that is not addressed in the EIR.

I hike the area where they currently mine often.  There is a definite fine sandy dust on everything, worse by the end of the summer than during the rainy season.  That dust fills the air throughout the SGV, but is most concentrated in the communities adjacent to where the mining takes place.  Flawed EIR reports aside, do we really need to increase the mining adding to the dust and particulate pollution in the region?

If you want to attend the meeting and voice an opinion on the topic here are the details you need.  May 17, 2010, 6:30PM Azusa City Council Chambers, 215 E Foothill Blvd, Azusa CA.

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  1. Are they out of their Vulcan mines!?? (Sorry, couldn’t help it. Something I think of every time I see their sign when riding down Foothill.)

  2. lol you both crack me up, but seriously this is an issue in the area that affects much more than the communities named, that crap in the air goes everywhere.

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