Venice Overnight Parking Dispute May be Settled — For Some

Peace may have broken out in the battle between Venice homeowners and the California Coastal Commission regarding the epidemic of overnight parking by those sleeping in their recreational vehicles and cars on Venice streets. Last we left off, the Venice Stakeholders Association had sued the California Coastal Commission after the Commission denied the request by the City of Los Angeles to establish “overnight parking districts” on certain Venice streets, where parking without a permit would have been prohibited between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. (or 5 a.m. on some streets).

After the VSA lawsuit, Assemblyman Ted Lieu, representing the 53rd Assembly District which includes the Venice areas in question (and who is running for Attorney General of California) introduced a bill which essentially would remove the Coastal Commission’s jurisdiction regarding overnight parking districts in Los Angeles “coastal zones” such as Venice Beach.  City Attorney Carmen Trutanich also joined in supporting Lieu’s bill.

But now reports are trickling out indicating that the Coastal Commission, VSA, and Lieu have reached a tentative agreement which would entail the VSA dropping its lawsuit, Lieu withdrawing his bill, and the City having the option to establish new OPDs in Venice the future.  Presumably this means that Los Angeles must go back and hold a new vote regarding the planned Venice OPDs. These details are still a bit sketchy.  More details are expected soon, as they are ironed out.

I have to admit to being confounded by the tentative settlement as reported thus far.  Has the Coastal Commission agreed to approve the same or similar Venice OPDs if they are established again? If so, why doesn’t the Commission simply reverse its original decision and save everyone the time and expense of doing it over?  If the Commission has not agreed to these OPDs, what has it agreed to?

Moreover, what about the advocates for the homeless and others who launched an impassioned and effective attack on the City’s proposals to establish OPDs in Venice, which led to the Coastal Commission’s decision in the first place?  Presumably, they won’t be too happy about a reported settlement that might accomplish exactly what they have been opposing.

I guess we will have to withhold judgment until we hear more.