A Post-Post Coachella Post

A Girl and Her Coachella

Yes, I realize that Coachella 2010 was a few weeks ago, and, especially in Internet speak, that’s just eons ago.  But, as they may or may not say backstage, better late than never, eh?  Rather than bore you with scenes of how surprisingly awesome certain bands were (Phoenix, really?), and how some of them were not so much (XX, I love you, but not at 6pm) – I’m going to just toss out a few things I spotted in the desert during the weekend.

Apparently, the theme of this year’s Coachella was Origami.


Fashion Successes, Fashion Fails, Fashion C Plus.

Girls with massive heels, guys with massive ‘staches and glasses.  Sure, you might not be able to walk far distances, and it has to be awfully sweaty with all that weight on your face, but you are festival-ing in style.  The guy on the left was my favorite – try as he might, those massive machine shop goggles were not meant to be hidden.

Others saw the forest from the ornaments on the trees and put together a more comprehensive ensemble that provided more coverage while sacrificing comfort and coolness:

.. and others just gave up altogether and stripped as nekked as possible.


Transportation, Kind Of

What I didn’t see were taxis at the end of each night.  If you stayed in a motel a few miles from the festival grounds, taking a taxi there seems like such a great idea.  You can split the cost amongst your buddies, you may not have to walk as far as you would have if you parked, all of you can drink and drug (because that makes perfect sense in the hot hot heat) … but good luck getting back.  Taxi, what taxi?  Apparently, there were maybe three or four taxis operating after the concerts are over; this meant a mass of 20somethings lost, worried, and wandering the same way they did when their parents forgot to pick them up after school.

Now, the following grew-up-during-the-Internet-age kids did the transportation thing right: a giant van to carpool with the acronyms to boot.  This car was parked right next to ours on the very last night – my lasting image of Coachella.  Made me smile, but also, made me feel old.

Coachella FTMFW!  TTYL!