Last Chance To Win “Nightmare Alley” & Dinner at Nine Thirty

Nine-Thirty in Westwood

This is your last chance to enter to win tickets to see Nightmare Alley at the Geffen Playhouse, along with $100 for dinner at  Nine-Thirty at the W Hotel in Westwood! This giveaway is a collaboration between LA Metblogs and Goldstar, a locally-based company that works with venues to sell tickets to plays, sporting events & other cool stuff for half-price.

“Nightmare Alley” is based upon the 1946 noir novel about one man’s seduction into the seedy, mysterious world of the carnival sideshow during the years of the Great Depression, when he falls in love with a beautiful fortune teller.

The day you’d be going, May 16th, is on one of the Geffen’s “Wine Down Sundays” where they have free flowing wine in the lobby area before the show. Hooray!

To win tickets, just add your comment in the comments section here, telling me what character YOU would be in a carnival! One lucky winner will get to take a friend to dinner and a show.

Thanks to Goldstar for helping us give this away to you guys. If you’re not already a Goldstar member, go and sign up–it’s free, and you get weekly announcements of all the cool things around town–everything from comp tix to the circus (appropriate, no?) to VIP seats at Derby Dolls games and tix from Pee-Wee to the Dorothy Chandler.

24 thoughts on “Last Chance To Win “Nightmare Alley” & Dinner at Nine Thirty”

  1. most likely the jokers, since it trys to tell truth with a fragile composure of dignity. all he really wanted to tell truth via public policy in higher education

  2. I’d like to be Minerva the Mind Reader. “Enter the tent and have your future foretold by the Mistress of Fate. Beware, no one knows what the future holds!” Plus, I’d get to rock an awesome Stevie Nicks meets 70’s Cher ensemble!

  3. If I could be a character in a carnival, I’d like to be the ringmaster so I could call the shots and entice the crowd to come to the show.

  4. I’d be the barker. “step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and see the wonders that wait you….”

    A goldstar contest in the weekend I’m already going to be in L.A.? Bring it on!

  5. The person that walks behind the elephant………dirty job but someone has to do it. Everyone can not be a star but my job would very important!!

  6. I would be the master of ceremonies. Then I could watcht he show and enjoy it like everyone else. Plus I would have a top hat and a bow tie!

  7. I’d be a tightrope walker – to throw away your life to the public so gracefully and yet have a full control over the crowd. Besides, I’d bring a lot of money to the show!

  8. I’d like to be the masters of ceremony… they usually own the circus and stuff :)

  9. I would work with the animals – training monkeys to do awesome acrobatics or one of those insane shows with jumping insects.

  10. I would be the dog act…. I love working with dogs… maybe an act with all cocker spaniels because they are so cute and lovable! :)

  11. In a carnival, I would definitely be a clown….I would love to bring joy and laughter to children. What better way to entertain?

  12. I am Stan the carny, clever and ambitious and not without a useful streak of ruthlessness.

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