The Vendys are coming! The Vendys are coming!


The pinnacle of street vendor accomplishment has long been to be the recipient of one of NYC’s coveted Vendy Awards, of course that did have the minor prerequisite of being a street vendor in NYC. “Did” being the key word there, as of this year the Vendys are covering LA as well! The six finalists have just been announced and on May 15th the king (or queen) will be crowned. If you want to attend this food packed event, you should get on getting a ticket now because it’s expected to sell out quick. Ticket price is $50, but it’s tax deductible as the proceeds go to helping protect vendor rights. Eat it up!

One thought on “The Vendys are coming! The Vendys are coming!”

  1. I’m really happy they’re recognizing the fact that mobile food vendors existed in LA before the Kogi truck. I hope Nina wins it and shoves it in Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice’s face.

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