Tuesday To Do: The Tuesday Night Cafe

Mitch Albom had Morrie; what do we have on Tuesdays?  Ah, yes, Tuesday Night Cafe, a bi-monthly gathering of poets, musicians, writers, organizers, parents, their kids, their dogs, and whomever else happens to be walking by the Aratani Courtyard in Little Tokyo around 7:15pm.  A revolving line-up of artists and spoken word performers wax or rap poetic about everything from their commute to being queer in a land of not-queers.  Often, there’s playful bantering with you, audience member/non-passive observer, followed by striking poetry, followed by lively live music, followed by impromptu karaoke.   And it’s only Tuesday!

Tonight’s lineup includes hip hop MTV journalist-turned-hip-hop-rapper Rocky Rivera and singer SueJin.  The guy in the back painting and sketching while all this is going in? Is Alex Chiu (see here).

The Tuesday Night Project organizes and hosts the event; its mission is to crank open space for the community – particularly the Asian-Pacific Islander communities – to build relationships and forge bonds via art and music.  In a town stuffed to the gills with the cement jungle, this space is a breath of fresh air.  Go to the Cafe tonight, get fueled for the rest of the week, and the weekend will be here before you know it.

Your Tuesday starts at 7:15pm, but if you want to break the fourth wall and perform, sign-ups for the open mic start at 6:45.  The Aratani Courtyard is on 120 Judge John Aliso, between 1st and Temple downtown.  Just follow your ears.

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