Photographic History Of LA Street Lamps

Dual Pendant Style

While looking for images of Los Angeles to use for a different post, I ran across The George A. Eslinger Street Lighting Photo Gallery on the City of LA website. Have you ever looked up to see what kind of art was lighting your evening commute? You might now.

On the site you can see images of some of the first street lights used in LA and combo pics of original poles and lights and their updated, more modern replacements. There other street lighting department images, things like crews replacing poles from the early 1900’s and today, fleets of repair trucks then and now, light poles used on bridges and historic night views of LA.

From the main gallery page:

This gallery is a tribute  to George A. Eslinger, former Director of the Bureau of Street Lighting.  Through his dedication, leadership and vision he was responsible for spearheading the implementation of  information technology solutions to make significant operational improvements in the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting.

The George A. Eslinger Street Lighting Photo Gallery

Click on through to see more images from the site.

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The Dude Still Abides

While he’s been honored by the glitterati with the golden idol that is the Oscar award for his performance in Crazy Heart, to me Jeff Bridges will always be The Dude. And Lebowskifest is back in LA this weekend to celebrate all things Lebowski.

Tomorrow kicks it off at the Wiltern with appearances by lots of the folks who inspired the story & the characters, plus a screening of the film itself and a Creedence cover band, Paddy & the Poor Boys.

Then on Saturday check out the bowling party & costume contest at Cal Bowl, featuring games, celeb appearances, bowling (natch) and nihilists.

More info on the whole shebang here. And if you “don’t roll on shabbos,” well, you’re screwed.

For All The New (And Not So New) Babies Out There

Spring arrives with the buzzing of the bees, the blooming of the flowers and many birthings of babies. Mazel tov to all the new parents out there and to the new babies: welcome!

Full disclosure: I’m not currently a mom, but I am an auntie and have many friends with offspring so I do know one thing. Those little guys grow pretty fast!

If budgets are tight and you love recycling then Goo Goo Swap could be just for you. It’s sorta the Southern California Craigslist for all things kinder. There are listings for everything from toys to clothes to furniture and even listings for services like photographers and mommy and me yoga classes. There is a also section for mom’s on the nest with postings for gently used maternity clothes and exercise dvds.

Goo Goo Swap looks like a good way save a few bucks (or make a few bucks) on that pair of shoes that Junior might only wear once in his easter portrait.

Click here for: Goo Goo Swap