All the cool kids are talking about the Donut Summit

Word about the Donut Summit is spreading like wildfire over the interwebs!  They’re talking about it over at the LA Weekly’s Squid Ink; at NBC LA; and over at Food is my Nish, there’s an awesome list of Donut Summit-inspired local gourmet donut options!  So exciting!

And now, dear readers, a challenge for you:  Help me come up with some good categories that we can judge donuts on!  Here’s a few to get us started:

Best old-fashioned

Best filled donut

Best vegan donut

Best apple fritter

Best glaze

Best maple donut

Most unconventional donut

Most visually attractive donut

…and that’s all I’ve got.  I know you can do better than me!

12 thoughts on “All the cool kids are talking about the Donut Summit”

  1. Yeow!!! I will have to train for weeks to get ready for this massive download of calories!!! Cuz I love donuts:

    Best TASTING donut

    Best Chocolate donut

  2. Perhaps the fruit fillings could be seperared Ito catagories (strawberry rasberry etc).

    Best mini doughnut/ doughnut holes

    Best chain store doughnut (yummy / winchels)

    best Mom an pop store doughnut

  3. 1.Best Buttermilk
    2.Doughnut Most Worthy of Driving more than 15 minutes for!
    3.Doughnut Most Likely to Invoke Childhood Memories
    4.Doughnut you would eat once and swear to try to forget forever

  4. Best cake donut! (my favorite kind!)

    And most creative flavor combination.

    Greasiest donut?

    Best healthy donut that doesn’t have lettuce on it?

    Best savory donut!

    Ugliest donut!

  5. Ha ha I like Ugliest donut category.

    Other potentials:
    Donut That Tastes the Way It Looks
    Roundest Doughnut

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