An Evening With Women at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center

This post is for you if the following three statements describe you:

(1) You have nothing to do this Saturday night, and would like to hang out at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with Gina Gershon, Heart, Renee Zellweger and Sarah Silverman.

(2) You have an urge to help the LA Gay & Lesbian Center provide a variety of women’s services.

(3) You have $300 to donate.

Yeah? You fit the criteria? Then you’re in luck. Tickets are still available for the LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s Evening With Women, an annual event aimed at raising funds for the center’s women-specific services. That includes health education and prevention, mental health services and career development classes, as well as services for both homeless youth and seniors.

The price tag is high, but the event is packed with personalities; in addition to the celebrities mentioned above, the event will include entertainment by songwriter Linda Perry and dinner by chef Jamie Lauren, whom Top Chef fans will recognize from the show’s fifth season. And if you can’t afford the 300 bucks but would still like to go, $99 will get you the “Recession Lounge Special,” where you can hobnob with other charity-minded folks.

You can buy tickets here.

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