47 days until the Donut Summit!

We are less than two months out from the Donut Summit, and, oh boy, are we getting excited. Or at least I am getting excited because, well, DONUTS! If you haven’t already marked your calendars in indelible ink, the Donut Summit is scheduled to take place Sunday, June 13th at 1pm. The festivities will take place in Griffith Park, at the picnic area near the Vermont entrance. (We will have a big, donutty sign, so we’ll be easy to find!)

If you’ve forgotten (and how could you forget?) admission to the Donut Summit is one dozen donuts from your favorite local donut joint, to add to the donut pool, so that we can share them and try donuts from all across this fair land. And because nothing is fun unless it’s a contest, we’ll vote on LA’s best donut. Stay tuned for an updated list of LA area donut shops that you can choose from later this week!

Meanwhile: the Donut Summit is on twitter, bringing you all manner of donut news (and documenting my donut cravings) at twitter.com/donutsummit.

And I want to give a huge thank you to Noah Caldwell, who put together our awesome Donut Summit logo! Nothing makes me happier than the idea of a giant donut rising like the sun over the Pacific.

8 thoughts on “47 days until the Donut Summit!”

  1. Following on Twitter now!

    I thought this was going to be in Pan-Pacific Park, or was that just tenative? And only donuts, or are maple bars and stuff allowed?

  2. I think maple bars should be allowed. And apple fritters & bear claws.

    I thought it was a giant ocean of coffee, but I could be wrong. Chocolate sounds better.

  3. I seriously just stumbled across this post ( I don’t even know how – darn internet ) but I seriously seriously seriously realized right now how much I love this city and the super ideas that people come up with :]. I am already salavating over this idea and I can NOT wait to be there!

  4. OK. I’ll bring Donut Hole. Possibly Donut Man. -Strawberry donuts so sweet, you need three plaincakes to soak up the sugar!

  5. Hey Julia or Lucinda–I no longer get emails when new comments are added, even though I always check to be emailed. Any idea why?

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