Electrical Box Art: Psychedelic Panda Edition

Disclaimer: I am not a person who can speak intelligently about art. Honestly, it’s a pretty bad idea that I’m even writing about this sort of thing, since it’s often hard for me to tell the difference between public art installations and utilitarian public-works items such as mailboxes and the homeless. Fortunately, my neighborhood is filled with electrical boxes painted by the artists at LA Commons.

Today’s edition takes us to the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and New Hampshire Avenue. I’ll start with the side facing New Hampshire, which is my favorite.

This man lives and breathes soccer.

More pics after the jump.

I wish there were more evergreens along Hollywood Boulevard. I also wish there were more muffins.
I heart diversity.
That's one happy panda. I wonder what's in those muffins.

One thought on “Electrical Box Art: Psychedelic Panda Edition”

  1. Great find and thanks for sharing. In my little corner of the metro area the city has actually paid an artist to paint all the utility boxes. Not as vibrant, but still nicely done iris which are the official city flower.

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